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Unlike traditional bracelets, feng shui bracelets are a type of bracelet that contains mysterious Chinese feng shui studies. They are very suitable for those who pursue good luck, wealth, and peace. So what type of fenghuan bracelet is best? At Feng Shui Bracelets, we offer a variety of Feng Bracelets, such as crystal bracelets, obsidian bracelets, red rope, eaglewood bracelets, etc. In addition to materials, these feng shui bracelets are also combined with Chinese auspicious feng shui items, such as Pixiu, unicorn, dragon turtle, feng shui elements, auspicious clouds, lotus flowers, to produce a more powerful force.

For example, eaglewood fengshui bracelets can not only enhance temperament and bring positive energy but also emit fragrance and suppress evil spirits. Crystal feng shui bracelets can enhance financial luck, absorb positive energy, and improve personal physical and mental health. Obsidian Feng Shui bracelets have a certain effect in warding off evil spirits. Pixiu bracelet can bring good luck and attract wealth, because Pixiu feeds on gold, silver and jewelry, and only eats in but does not spit out, so it is a good item to attract wealth.

incense ashes bracelets

Royal Court Fragrant Gray Colored Glaze Bracelets

The Yonghe Palace fragrant gray glazed bracelet regulates and balances the five elements of “gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.” It is made by burning incense ash from the Yonghe Palace and mixing it with colored glass, praying for the dissolution of karma, wisdom, and physical and mental well-being.
  • Blue: Representing Healthy and safe.
  • Brown: Attracting wealth.
  • Green: Good career.
  • Red: Good Marriage.
  • White: Wisdom.

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incense ashes bracelets
white crystal cluster
Amethyst cluster

Feng Shui Crystal

The energy of the white crystal corresponds to the “top wheel” in feng shui. It can expel diseased and evil Qi from the body from the soles of the feet, making people clear-headed and refreshed, and is very helpful for career and health.

A large white crystal cluster can improve work efficiency and facilitate promotion. In addition, wearing white crystal jewelry can enhance personal inspiration and make thinking more sensitive. However, You should avoid placing white crystals around the head of the bed as much as possible, as this can lift people’s spirits and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Crystal cluster

Crystal bracelets

Best Seller Feng Shui Items

Feng Shui items refer to items or ornaments that use Feng Shui to achieve a certain effect. For who love/believe in feng shui will keep some feng shui items at home or in the office to increase their fortune. We offer common best-selling feng shui items at affordable prices.
pixiu ornament


Pixiu is a powerful beast that can attract wealth and ward off evil spirits.
bagua mirror

Bagua mirror

Bagua Mirror is also regarded as a symbol of wealth and good luck in feng shui.
feng shui wealth

Crystals stone

Fengshui stones have a positive impact on the environment and wealth.
money frog

Money frog

Money toad is a traditional symbol of feng shui, believed to bring wealth and good luck.

Feng SHui Items

Attract Luck

Many people believe that by placing the appropriate Feng Shui items, people can change their destiny and bring good luck. So what are good luck Feng Shui items?

Common auspicious Feng Shui ornaments include money toads, Pixiu, Bagua mirrors, amethyst, wind chimes, dragon and phoenix mascots, etc. They each have their own mysterious energy.

For example, the money toad is one of the auspicious feng shui items.  It is said to bring wealth when Placed them in the home or office. Pixiu is usually regarded as a mythical animal that attracts wealth. It is said to attract wealth and bring wealth when Placed in home or shopping mall.

 In feng shui, Bagua mirrors are considered to ward off evil spirits. they can prevent evil spirits from entering the house When placed outside doors or windows.

pixiu ornament
fengshui tree

Feng Shui Items

Attract Wealth

We can use the feng shui items to attract wealth. What are the Feng Shui items to attract wealth?

There are many attractive wealth feng shui items such as pixiu, feng shui fish tank, god of wealth, fortune boy, five emperor coins, dragon turtles, gold ingots, and other items.

They each have their own unique power, such as the fortune boy is the person who sends money and goods. Since ancient times, it has been a treasure in feng shui and can only be placed in the bathroom, bedside, and other positions. However, it is only suitable for unmarried men, and women should avoid placing it.

The God of Wealth is a god who distributes treasures. Therefore, during the Spring Festival and receiving blessings, Chinese households will stick a statue of the God of Wealth to attract wealth. Of course, You also place sculptures or decorations in the correct position.

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“I received the package about 7 day.Beautiful piece of work with natural crystal stones. Have a good luck energy feel everytime I put it on.”

Love the bracelet

Angela Charlton


“I really like this pi yao bracelet what caught my eye was the material of the bracelet I just love it. I bought one for my brother thank you.”

Good quality

William Haines


“Love it. Well made. the items delievery very fast. Crystal Stone is beautiful. Simple and classy. I recommend this Mandarin Ducks Carved Ornament.”

Beautiful Stone

Juanita Moran


“Good feng shui items, I gave it 5 stars. I had placed this Copper Golden Toad Ornaments in my office. Hope it will bring good luck .”

5 star

Rehaan Whitfield


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What are the Tips for Wearing Feng Shui Bracelets?

Avoid putting the bracelet in the pocket.

Different bracelets have different feng shui energy. Many people wear bracelets for good looks, and some people wear feng shui bracelets for good luck. If you are inconvenient to carry them, don’t put them In the pocket of the clothes, this will affect the feng shui energy.

Do not get wet while wearing the feng shui bracelet.

Do not touch water or oil when wearing the feng shui bracelet. Otherwise, the color will become lighter, and their feng shui power will gradually become lighter until it disappears.

Feng shui bracelet should be consecrated.

It is necessary to consecrate them in advance Before wearing the feng shui bracelet. If wearing the unconsecrated bracelet, it is easy to be contaminated with evil spirits and affects everyone’s fortune and body.