Cinnabar Bracelet

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In Buddhist culture, cinnabar is often made into Buddhist prayer beads and rosaries, used during the recitation of Buddhist scriptures. It is believed to help individuals maintain inner peace, achieve mental tranquility, focus their thoughts, and enhance wisdom. It is considered an essential talisman for devout Buddhists.

In Taoist culture, cinnabar is regarded as a mystical and potent substance with the ability to repel evil spirits, draw talismans, consecrate objects, and refine elixirs. It is believed to ward off calamities, vanquish demons, and elevate one's spiritual energy.

According to these traditional meanings, cinnabar is made into various ornamental jewelry, known for their vibrant red color and exquisite craftsmanship. Chinese Folklore believe that wearing a cinnabar bracelet can help dispel misfortunes and ensure one's safety.


How to wear cinnabar bracelets?

Generally, it is recommended to wear cinnabar bracelets on the left wrist. Cinnabar has a relatively low hardness and is quite brittle, so compared to the right hand, which is more active in daily, the left hand can effectively prevent cinnabar from being damaged due to collisions, thus providing a certain level of protection.

Wearing a cinnabar bracelet on the left wrist also aligns with the traditional Chinese method of "entering from the left and exiting from the right." Since cinnabar is a traditional talisman, this placement can enhance its protective function and bring more positive energy. However, once worn, it should not be casually discarded.

Can women wear cinnabar bracelets for long period?

Yes, women can wear cinnabar bracelets for a long period. Cinnabar bracelets are believed to have calming and soothing effects, helping to relieve stress and promote a sense of tranquility when worn on the wrist. Over time, wearing these bracelets can help individuals adjust their mindset.

Additionally, cinnabar bracelets contain various minerals and trace elements that can nourish the skin and contribute to skincare. Prolonged wearing may result in improved skin complexion, making it appear fairer and more radiant.

Furthermore, the vibrant red color of cinnabar can enhance one's overall appearance and make them stand out. With prolonged wear, cinnabar can absorb more oils and sweat, giving it a glossy appearance.

Why wear cinnabar bracelets in this animal year?

It is highly recommended wearing a cinnabar bracelet as a feng shui bracelet during one's zodiac birth year. It can help balance yin and yang energies and ward off negative influences, providing protection and ensuring safety during that particular year.