Mandarin Duck

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Mandarin duck, known as "yuan yang" in Chinese. They are known for their inseparable companionship, flying in resonance with each other, frolicking together in water, and resting with their wings entwined while sleeping. The mandarin duck is a symbol of love and marital harmony in traditional Chinese culture.

If you value your partner greatly but are often separated due to work or other reason, placing a pair of Feng Shui mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your living room or by the bedside in your bedroom can help enhance your marital relationship and promote a happier and more fulfilling marriage.


1)Why Choose our Rose quartz feng shui mandarin ducks?

Rose quartz is often called the "stone of love," known for its ability to help couples strengthen their emotions and cultivate a better marital relationship. Our Rose quartz mandarin duck ornaments are designed with the mandarin ducks standing on green lotus leaves. In Chinese, the word for "lotus" sounds like "harmony," symbolizing the harmony between two individuals.

From a Five Elements perspective, the green lotus leaves represent wood, while a pair of rose quartz mandarin ducks symbolizes fire. When these elements come together, they create a phenomenon of fire generating wood, indicating that the couple's relationship will flourish and thrive.

Feng Shui Rose quartz mandarin ducks not only open the heart chakra but also promote emotional bonding between partners. They are good in attracting and enjoying love, enhancing interpersonal relationships, and boosting one's popularity. If you are in business, they can also bring prosperity to your endeavors, as a good tool for success. Furthermore, they can help you find your inner self, discover your true essence, and elevate your personal growth.

2)How to Place Feng Shui Rose quartz Mandarin Ducks?

Placement of Feng Shui Rose quartz Mandarin Ducks varies depending on different application and individuals:

If a couple is experiencing marital discord, frequent separations, continuous arguments, it is recommended to place the rose quartz mandarin duck ornament in the southwest corner of the room or on the desk and bedside. This can help improve the emotional life of the couple and promote marital harmony.

For married individuals or couples engaged in conflicts and silent treatments, placing the Rose quartz mandarin duck ornament between their pillows can help them resolve disputes and ease awkwardness. Rose quartz mandarin ducks fit bedroom energy, so placing multiple mandarin duck ornaments in the bedroom can yield better results.

If you are single or in the dating phase and want to enhance your prospects for marriage, you can place the Feng Shui Rose quartz mandarin duck ornament in your "peach blossom" position to attract love and potential partners.

If you deeply care, but you are often separated due to various reasons, placing the Rose quartz mandarin duck ornament in the southwest corner of your living room,which can foster a loving and harmonious relationship, promoting mutual understanding.