Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu bracelet is a traditional Chinese ornament and a popular Feng Shui items in modern times. Its shape resembles the mythical creature from Chinese legends, Pixiu. Pixiu bracelet is often regarded as a feng shui bracelet for attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits.


How to Wear Pixiu bracelets?

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet based on the left wrist with the Pixiu's head facing outward. It's important not to let others touch the bracelet and to avoid wearing it while bathing or doing laundry. 

Wear on the left wrist with the head facing outward.

Wearing the pixiu bracelet on the left wrist is believed to align with the concept of "entering from the left and exiting from the right" in traditional Chinese culture, which helps expel impurities from the body. Some also think that wearing it on the right wrist may lead to loss of personal wealth, although these beliefs lack scientific basis. Having the Pixiu's head facing outward symbolizes the attraction of wealth and prosperity, reflecting people's aspirations for a better life.

Avoid letting others touch it.

Allowing others to touch the pixiu bracelet can lead to contamination from any impurities on their hands, potentially affecting the cleanliness of the bracelet and causing it to become dirty more quickly. Since the Pixiu bracelet is associated with personal luck, including wealth, it's best to prevent unnecessary contact with others to maintain its positive energy.