Jade Bracelet

Hetian jade is a type of natural spiritual jade that can perceive its owner's magnetic field and inner thoughts, possessing protective energy against malevolent forces. Therefore, Hetian jade bracelets are often worn as talismans for personal protection. Additionally, the word for "bracelet" in Chinese sounds like "guarding love," symbolizing the safeguarding of one's affectionate relationships.

Hetian jade bracelets come in various styles, each having its own unique symbolism. For example, the "Lu Lu Tong" Hetian jade bracelet represents the smooth and prosperous journeys, symbolizing a path free of obstacles and filled with good fortune. The Hetian jade Pixiu bracelet is good for attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits. Lastly, the "Buddha Head" Hetian jade bracelet is believed to bring peace and safety to its wearer.

1)What is The type of Jade Bracelets?
There are various styles of Hetian jade bracelets each carry their unique symbolism and significance, appealing to different preferences and beliefs.
Classic Bead Jade Bracelet:
Unlike barrel-shaped beads with rigid lines, classic bead jade bracelets require each intersecting surface to be smooth and perfectly connected. It exhibits smooth and graceful curved contours from any angle.
Jade Bracelet with Single-Sided Lotus:
The lotus, known for "emerging from mud yet remaining unstained, washing in clean water yet not becoming impure," aligns well with the Buddhist concept of a "pure land," signifying a state of cleansing the soul. The lotus's growth process represents a person's journey towards selflessness, eliminating distractions, and achieving enlightenment. Hetian jade bracelets with lotus represents truth, goodness, and beauty, symbolizing auspiciousness, prosperity, friendship, and purity within Buddhism.
Jade Bracelet with Double-Sided Lotus:
Double-Sided Lotu Also called "Conjoined Lotus", the double-sided lotus features two lotus blooms on a single stem, symbolizing unity, shared roots, shared blessings, and shared life. Throughout history, the Jade Bracelet with Double-Sided Lotus has been a symbol of steadfast love.

2)What is The meaning of 108 Bead Buddhist Mala jade bracelets:
A 108-bead Hetian jade mala is used for meditation, seeking enlightenment through the recitation of mantras or prayers. It is believed to help eliminate 108 types of mental disturbances, bringing the practitioner's mind and body to a state of tranquility.

3)How to wear a Hetian jade bracelet?
Wearing a Hetian jade bracelet on the left hand or the right hand is influenced by various cultural and traditional beliefs:
Chinese Medicine and Gender Association:
In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the pulse of males is typically taken from the left hand, while for females, blood is drawn from the right hand. This practice has led to the saying "men on the left, women on the right." Therefore, many people thinking that men should wear bracelets on the left hand, and women on the right.
Near to the Heart:
On the other hand, based on Chinese medicine principles, the heart is located in the left chest cavity. Therefore, some argue that wearing a bracelet on the left hand brings it closest to the heart, increasing its contact.
Buddhist Beliefs:
In Buddhist theory, the left hand is purity, and the right hand is impurity. It is believed that jade bracelets should be worn on the left hand to bring spiritual positive energy. Additionally, in Chinese culture, the left side has historically been considered superior or more auspicious, therefore, bracelets should be worn on the left hand.